Wednesday, September 16, 2009

sweet misery .

"soo sweet she bad for mee , when she so qud ill take the cavity . fallin forr herr how safe is qravityyy ?"- weezy .
now ladies . u kno wen u have someone who you you juss cant qet enouqh of ? you just wanna be with them every second , minute , and hour of the day . someone who you wanna be with for the rest of your life no matter wat the consequences are ? "i fuckin hate him" "he qets onn myyy nerveesssss" comes out ya mouth constantly wen he pisses you off . but none of tht shit matters when yur with him, and hes holdin you, and kissin you . but ladies . whyy US ? 9 times out of 10 we stay with a quy who does us dirty most of the time and we disreqard the ones who really want us . but sometimes boys juss dnt kno how to treat us . like they wana do qud but they cnt . ive been noticin tht alot lately . me and my man have our issues . boyy we qo thru it . and tho he PISSES ME OFF ALOT i mean . . i qotta say . i love him . and im pretty sure if yur readin this u can relate to at least one thinq ive sed so far . but my question is whoo isss tooo blammeeee ? cuz as far as im concerned both sexes do shit to provoke certain situations . cuz i kno i do . for instance : my bf tells me to come see him letss sayy on tuesday , tuesday comes and he blows me off . so therefore im mad . pissed the fuck off . but then he says come tomorrow . and i say some shit like y ? or no . cuz im mad . and then comess "alrite najaye fine" then im like see youu always do this blah blahh blahhh . lmaoo . i quess thts juss me and my stubborn ass . but i have frends who qo thru similar situations . dont you just wish sometimes thinqs could be juss a little bit more perfect . a little bit more steady , you wish you could be a little more happier? but how ? my thinq is to just try to be patient . but theres times wen i juss wanna scream out how much i love him and wanna be with him and telll him how i feel . but im so scared . like i dnt wanna open up and qet shut down u kno ? well . this is just me ramblinq on about my thouqhts . lmaoo but enuff with tht

NOWW ... this bothers me too .
summ niqqa on the street:"yoo ma how you doinn?"
you: -__- ....
the niqqa: i cant qet ya name . ya number .
you: -__- ! ...
(alrite fellas after the second time u should qet the fuckin clue! LEAVE HER ALONE)
the niqqa: oh come on ma why you actin like tht ?
you: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the niqqa: iite bitch fine , u uqly anyway .


sheeshhh . whoever does tht needs to sit and think about life . cuz tht rite there is sum typical "niqqa shit" forrreeealll .

ok ok . thtss it for noww .
hopeee yuu LIKEEDDD itt .